How to Become a Member

Please Note: Our waiting lists are currently closed and we are not accepting applications for housing at this time. 

There are no landlords or tenants in Riverdale Co-op – only member-residents. Each adult member has a vote in electing a Board of Directors. Members work together through committees to develop policy and recommend action. Committees are formed to share responsibilities for maintenance, membership, finances, newsletters, landscaping, and social activities. A small staff, responsible to the board, carries out the day-to-day functions of the co-op.

Riverdale Co-operative Houses receives financial support from several program’s of the federal government’s Canada Mortgage and Housing Corportion (CMHC). Residents do not own their accommodation themselves, but lease their units from the co-op as a whole. Members pay a monthly “housing charge” which covers the cost of mortgage payments, operating expenses, taxes, maintenance, and administration. There is no profit involved.

Housing charges go up only as necessary to meet increased costs of operating our properties. A grant from CMHC enables us to give subsidies to some low-income households.

As a result, member-residents enjoy security of tenancy, protection from profiteering in the housing marketplace, and democratic, collective management over their own accommodation.

Riverdale Co-operative Houses is a nonprofit corporation made up of houses, townhouses and apartment units in Toronto’s east end. We are individuals and families building a vibrant community, improving the Riverdale neighbourhood, learning how to live cooperatively, participating in a co-operative movement across Toronto, throughout Canada, and around the world.

Unit Type


One Bedroom

Two Bedroom

Three Bedroom

Four Bedroom

Housing Charge per Month

$800 – $1,100 (utilities included)

$900 – $1,600 (some have utilities included, some are plus utilities)

$1,100 – $1,600 (some have utilities included, some are plus utilities)

$1,400 – $2,350 (plus utilities)

$1,800 – $2,350 (plus utilities)

Parking available at most properties for $40 per month.


What are the responsibilities of co-op members?

Co-op living is not for everyone. It’s a lifestyle choice for those willing to accept the responsibilities of running a co-op and the challenge of building community. Responsibilities of co-op members include: